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Why Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED At Home is the Most Effective Treatment Option for Fuller Erections and Greater Stamina

Today, there are countless pills, procedures, and treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. At the same time, making sense out of ED can be a real challenge. With so much readily-available information, how can you be sure that you’re doing what’s right for your unique circumstances? 

The truth is, most ED treatment options are quick fixes, providing a temporary bandage for a deeper underlying condition. That’s why leading urologists began seeking new and innovative ways to cure ED as opposed to just treating. As a result, acoustic wave therapy (AWT) was developed. By harnessing the cell-revitalizing power of shockwaves, AWT combats erectile dysfunction at the source. 

Now, innovative devices like NeoWave utilize this technology to deliver unprecedented results to men with ED. Here’s what you need to know!

Erectile Dysfunction Causes & Triggers

Before delving into the science behind AWT, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Although there are countless potential causes for ED, improper blood flow is the most common. Here, clogged arteries, vascular disease, and vascular leaks either decrease the sustainability of erections or even render the penis completely inoperable. At the same time, individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction should consider if physiological factors, hormonal imbalances, or genetic predispositions could be the root cause of their ED.

The penis is comprised of spongy tissue that fills with blood to achieve an erection. Blood vessels that run through the shaft and glans can oftentimes become degraded, leading to blocked or restricted blood flow. In turn, penile tissue is unable to fully advance. The underlying cause behind restricted blood flow can result from blood pressure complications, poor diet, lack of exercise, genetic factors, and more. 

Dysfunctional erectile blood flow can result in soft erections, weak stamina, lackluster ejaculations, decreased sensitivity, and more. These factors culminate into the condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED) which impacts over 30 million men in the US alone. Fortunately, new advances in science are proven to effectively reverse the root causes of ED.

How Acoustic Wave Therapy Treats ED

Within the past decade, major progress has been made to combat erectile dysfunction. AWT is at the forefront of these developments, restoring the operability of blood vessels while generating new blood vessels in the process. By using low-frequency shockwaves, AWT triggers natural penile tissue growth and blood vessel formation, restoring the building blocks that cure ED. That’s because unlike blue pills, AWT changes the anatomy of the penis, generating physically healthier cells that support full-caliber erections.

Until recently, access to AWT was limited to in-person clinical visits. These visits required uncomfortable initial consultations, lengthy dialogues, and costly payments to schedule. Fortunately, recent advances have paved the way for new, at-home acoustic wave therapy devices with top-tier accessibility and ease-of-use. These devices generally include an applicator that affected individuals can use to begin restoring cell, tissue, and blood vessel health. In turn, individuals with ED can quickly deploy problem-solving technology that fights the root causes of erectile dysfunction as opposed to masking the problem with temporary solutions.

Who Benefits From Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Lately, one of the most common questions that urologists receive is ‘could AWT help cure my erectile dysfunction?’ Although the technology is new, clinical data shows that certain men are in a better position to benefit from AWT than others.

For example, men who are non-responsive to PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra or Cialis) may find breakthrough progress using AWT. Additionally, men who have Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) may find that shockwave therapy increases their sexual performance.

Natural male enhancement is a well known and highly sought after benefit of AWT. For this reason, men across the full spectrum of ED severity seeking improved hardness, fullness, endurance, and performance as a whole can benefit from this innovative treatment option.

Who Should Consider Alternate Treatment Options?

Although AWT is a long-term and oftentimes permanent solution for many men with ED, some men may benefit by taking an alternate approach. For example, men with neurologic disorders like Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis may find that their core problem area cannot be remedied through AWT. Likewise, post-operative conditions resulting from pelvic surgery or a radical prostatectomy may lessen the effectiveness of shockwave therapy.

Additionally, psychological conditions that may cause ED cannot be readily solved using AWT. For physiological disorders such as hypogonadism or hypothyroidism, AWT may also be ineffective. Abnormalities within the anatomical structure of the penis may also limit the benefits of AWT. A range of other chronic conditions and diseases may reduce the impact of shockwave therapy. For this reason, having an understanding of the root cause of ED can be beneficial before starting acoustic wave therapy.

Why At-Home ED Treatments Are Most Effective

Although traditional methods of ED treatment such as Sildenafil pills, pumps, and surgery (in extreme cases) are widely publicized, at-home ED treatment through AWT is revolutionizing the way in which men treat their erectile dysfunction. That’s because at-home shockwave treatments have a wide range of benefits, including:

Unprecedented cost savings by avoiding expensive visits to the doctor
Increased effectiveness through focusing on the root cause of ED
Safer treatments by providing a non-invasive methodology to increase blood flow
Streamlined results through improved blood flow after just one usage
Increased confidence during sexual encounters and life in general

Although AWT can be provided in a clinical setting, just one visit to the doctor could exceed the entire cost of an affordable at-home AWT device. These treatments can take a few months to provide lifelong results, meaning that long-term in-clinic visits can quickly add up.

Aside from cost savings, at-home treatment options are more likely to become routine, leading to better results when compared to alternate ED solutions. That’s because visiting an office for treatments or prescriptions can be inconvenient and embarrassing. In turn, patients are less likely to turn their ED treatment method into a habit, reducing the overall effectiveness of their program. For this reason, at-home treatments are a better path toward progress.

How to Start Using AWT

In the midst of the information age, sifting through hundreds of ED AWT products to find a reputable device can pose significant challenges. How do you know the perfect frequency, application method, and price point to optimize your results?

When searching, look for a device that operates across multiple frequencies, is backed by verified customer reviews, and provides an applicator that is designed to move around the penis. Our best recommendation is the NeoWave Acoustic Wave Therapy Device, a leading AWT solution that has helped hundreds of men overcome their ED, exceeding even their most ambitious goals.

NeoWave is backed by a 93% success rate, helping men across the full spectrum of erectile dysfunction cure the underlying cause of their condition. In turn, NeoWave has helped improve the satisfaction, duration, and pleasure garnered from romantic encounters nationwide.

Closing Remarks

Although erectile dysfunction is a sensitive and complicated subject, advanced solutions such as acoustic wave therapy are reinventing ED treatment solutions. Now, innovative products like NeoWave are encouraging more men to take action as opposed to allowing limiting conditions to decrease their life satisfaction.

If you’re looking for an effective ED solution that doesn’t require a prescription, consider NeoWave. Countless satisfied customers worldwide have tried and loved NeoWave for its simple usage and longterm effectiveness. Order your NeoWave AWT Device today for a more fulfilling tomorrow!